Heading out of Indy…back home again in about 3 days!

I think people miss the connection that used to be inherent in travel. Just inside the Indianapolis International Airport, I met a friendly Hoosier who gave me sage advice about making the most of my free time in DC . “Get your lunch on the go and in one-hour you can spend a half hour at Air and Space one day, then head to another museum the next day,” he said.


But more than that, he reminded me to “seize the day,” and be present in the moment. To me that means connecting with people around me – it’s that Hoosier Hospitality ingrained in my psyche, coupled with an innate curiosity, i.e., nosiness, or just the fact I don’t like to travel alone.


Fellow traveler, Greenfield resident and Civil Air Patrol Cadet Ambassador Luke

On the airplane to Reagan Airport, my seat companion was a nice young man named Luke with the Indiana Ambassadors for the Civil Air Patrol cadets. He just finished a big convention at Camp Atterbury and is meeting up with other ambassadors from across the country, who, in a few days will scatter from the Nation’s Capital across the world. He renewed my faith in today’s young people (he’s a junior at IU hoping to go to med school) because he didn’t make chatting with an old woman seem like a chore and even indulged in a landing selfie on the planeJ Even better, he is from Greenfield so maybe I’ll see him again.


The cab ride was sedate and now I’m torn between a nap and heading down 14th Street to the National Mall since I have most of the afternoon to explore and the view out of my window beckons. Just guess what I’ll choose…


Thomas Circle Park from my room in the Donovan Hotel in Downtown D.C.


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