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Thunderstorms may have been rumbling in the sky but rookie reporters at the Psi Ote Summer Reading Day Camp at Milroy United Methodist Church July 13 used their imaginations to travel and discover what Santa Claus does on these steamy summer days.

After listening and participating in my writing workshop, “5 Ways I Made 12 Days,” kids tried their hands at writing a story and presenting it via video reports. The winning team received autographed copies of “The Twelve Days of Christmas in Indiana.” Earlier in the day, the kids created their masterpieces during Cookies and Canvas.

The event was sponsored by Zeta Tau, Psi Iota Xi of Milroy who supports literature, music and the arts in Rush County.

Thanks for the invite Psi Otes. 

I love talking writing and sharing stories with imaginative young minds.



Following is the winning story. It was a difficult choice with so many creative thinkers – Congratulations, Team 3!

Surfing Santa


The winning team of Kaleb, Brittney, Mallory and Kelsey (front).

By Brittney, Mallory, Kaleb and Kelsey

Once Santa Claus got home from delivering some presents, he got ready to get on his sled and head to Hawaii. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the elves got on the sled and went to Hawaii.

He got to his hotel and got ready to swim. He jumped off the balcony and into the water. Then he jumped on to the reindeer and went deer skiing.

Then he fell off the skis and did a bellyflop, and then he saw a jellyfish behind him and a wave pushed into him. Luckily he got away in time. He got hurt from the bellyflop and ran back to the hotel and fell asleep because he hurt his stomach. Then he woke up and it was Christmas! But luckily backup Santa was in the workshop. When Santa woke up, he went surfing!

The end


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