By Donna Griffin,

Student Publications Adviser,

Arsenal Technical High School

I sympathize with Tech students who are angry about the ban of hoodies on campus but most of them wouldn’t believe it.

I don’t want to talk about it anymore, though.

Let’s move on.

Here is my wish for students on this campus. I wish you would fight as hard for your education as you do for one piece of raggedy old clothing. If you put half as much effort into assignments, listening to lectures, reading and focusing on your job as a student as you do defending your right to freedom of fashion, test scores would soar.

By “giving in” – otherwise known a compliance – you are not the loser – this is not a game – “Who Can Wear a Hoodie the Longest and Not Get Suspended.”

I know it’s unfair, but, the four years you are in high school are as fair as life gets. If you spend these valuable days fussing, complaining, rebelling you are simply biting the hand that feeds you. In this situation, teachers are not your enemy, we are the “middle men.” We have to make you comply and then try to convince you that we are partners, not opponents in the educational process.

Pick your battles – get indignant over the lack of technology, the large classes, the students who waste your valuable class time with their petty, childish behavior. Don’t put your high school education on the line for something as trivial as a couple of yards of cotton material.

You are better than that.


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