While out on a photo assignment for HSJI, I stopped to take shots of a group of middle school students on a tour of campus when I heard someone say, “Hey – Arsenal Tech!” There was a student at the IPS high school where I teach. Actually, he will be a journalism student in the fall if I have anything to say about it. I couldn’t resist a bit of recruiting and making sure he talked to his counselor. He was there as a part of the Upward Bound program and I am sure he is serving as a great role model. While he is not in the adjacent photo – here’s a shout out to Aaron Thurman – keep up the good work!


3 thoughts on “For a reason

  1. How cool- a student who did not know you, had the courage to call out your school to get your attention. Yes, that’s a student you want in your program. That’s also the kind of inspiration you need to get excited about next year.

  2. You definately want Aaron Thurman on staff for next year, Mrs. Griffin! He is the most sincere and hardworking kid I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and anyone can tell you that. Plus he’s involved with your favorite department other than journalism.. the Music Hall. 🙂

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